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School Transport

Twight Activities Programme

Driffield School offers a range of twilight activities.

Driffield School & Sixth Form is a large school serving a very large rural area. Approximately half of our students travel in to school from the surrounding villages and Bridlington, most of them by school bus.

Bus Routes

Bus No
Contact Tel
01482 592929
Middleton, North Dalton, Tibthorpe, Kirkburn
BusKing Ltd
01377 255879
Harpham, Lowthorpe, Gembling, Kelk, Wansford, Skerne
Esk Valley Coaches Ltd
01947 600604
Beeford, North Frodingham, Wansford
01482 592929
Middleton, Bainton, Kelleythorpe (this bus departs at 3.35pm)
01482 592929
Fridaythorpe, Fimber, Sledmere, Wetwang, Garton, Cowlam
Acklams Coaches Ltd
01482 887666
Beswick, Kilnwick, Watton, Hutton Cranswick x 2 buses
Acklams Coaches Ltd
01482 887666
Burton Fleming, Wold Newton, Langtoft
01482 592929
North Dalton, Tibthorpe, Kirkburn, Garton
01482 395524
BusKing Ltd
01377 255879
Amvale Ltd
01724 282556
Bridlington North, Rudston, Thwing, Octon
01482 592929
Bridlington South, Thornholme, Burton Agnes, Ruston Parva, Nafferton
01482 592929
Nafferton only
01482 592929

All of these services (excluding the 121 Nafferton, 121 Bridlington South and the 122 Bridlington North) are managed by ERYC Passenger Services.  Telephone 01482 395544 for more information.

To report an incident on a school bus please call Buswise on 08456 445949 or complete the online form at

School Paid In Advance Information

Bridlington to Driffield Bus Services

The school works in partnership with East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) to provide two bus services out of Bridlington to Driffield School & Sixth Form.

The 121 Bridlington South service leaves Bridlington Bus Station at 8am and travels along Promenade, Cross Street, Queen Street, Hilderthorpe Road and Bessingby Road picking up from all recognised bus stops on the route. The bus then joins the A614 Driffield Road and picks up at the following destinations and times: Carnaby (post office) at 8.12am, Thornholme at 8.15am, Burton Agnes (Blue Bell pub) at 8.18am, Ruston Parva at 8.23am, arriving at Driffield School & Sixth Form at 8.31am.

The 122 Bridlington North service leaves Bridlington Bus Station at 7.50am and travels along Promenade, Flamborough Road, Fortyfoot, Sewerby Heads, Marton Road and Well Lane picking up from all recognised bus stops on the route. The bus then joins the B1253 and picks up at the following destinations and times: Boynton 8am, Rudston 8.05am, Thwing 8.11am, Octon 8.17am, arriving at Driffield School & Sixth Form at 8.32am.

Bus Passes

Students who live in Bridlington and the surrounding area (including Bempton and Flamborough) and Carnaby, Boynton, Grindale and Rudston are able to purchase a bus pass to travel on these services at a cost of £345 for the school year 2015/16. Termly passes are also available at a cost of £115 per term.

Bus pass application forms may be obtained from the school. Please contact the Central Administration Team on 01377 253631 or email

Out of Catchment Students

Students who live outside Driffield School's catchment area, but choose to come to Driffield School & Sixth Form, may be able to travel in on a school bus provided there is a seat available and on payment of the annual bus pass charge, which is £540 in 2015/16.

For more information contact ERYC the Passenger Services Unit on 01482 395544.

Travel by Train

Some students from Bridlington opt to travel in to Driffield School & Sixth Form by train.  Driffield Train Station is approximately 8 minutes walking distance from the school.

The train times are as follows:

Depart Bridlington 0808 Arrive Driffield 0823
Depart Driffield 1540 Arrive Bridlington 1556
Depart Driffield 1615 Arrive Bridlington 1623
Depart Driffield 1647 Arrive Bridlington 1702


Free Home to School Transport

Does your child qualify?

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council must provide free home to school transport for children if they:

  • are between 5 and 16 years old
  • are attending their nearest suitable school
  • live further away from the school than the statutory walking distance (2 miles for pupils under 8, and 3 miles for those aged 8 plus)

Children also qualify for free transport - no matter what distance they live from school if they are unable to walk for any of the following reasons:

  • they have SEN
  • they have a disability or mobility problems
  • there is no safe walking route

The local authority has to make travel arrangements where a child cannot reasonably be expected to walk, accompanied as necessary, in reasonable safety.

Children from Low Income Families

A 'low income' family is one whose children are entitled to free school meals or whose parents receive the maximium Working Tax Credit.

Secondary school pupils (11 to 16 years old) from low income families are entitled to free school transport if they go to:

  • a suitable school between 2 and 6 miles away from their home address, as long as there are not 3 or more suitable schools nearer to home
  • the nearest school chosen on the grounds of religion or belief, and the school is between 2 and 15 miles away from their home address

Children with SEN or Disabilities

If your child has a statement of SEN and has transport requirements written in to it, the local authority must provide them.

For more information contact ERYC Passenger Transport Services on 01482 395544.


Twilight Bus Service Route Map


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