Mobile Technology usage

It is the preferred option of the school that students do not bring mobile phones or other electronic devices into school; however we understand that some parents feel they are necessary. Therefore, students are permitted to bring a mobile phone or tablet into school, but there are restrictions on their use which students must adhere to;

· Mobile phones must be switched off and out of sight in all school buildings and during lesson changeovers.

· Mobile phones may be used to text or browse the internet during periods of free time, i.e. break and lunchtime outside the buildings or in designated areas (i.e. the halls at lunchtime). This does not extend to lesson changeover between periods 1 and 2 or periods 4 and 5.

· Mobile phones should not be used to make or receive calls during the school day. Any student wishing to speak to a parent/carer should do so via the telephone in the House Office.

· Cameras on mobile phones should not be used to photograph or video anyone during the school day.

· On some occasions, student may be permitted to use their mobile devices in lessons. A note will be placed on the classroom door by the teacher indicating this is a permitted activity.

Failure to comply with these rules will lead to the mobile being confiscated and taken to ACE Reception, from where the student will be permitted to collect it at the end of the day. A letter will be sent to parents and the incident logged on SIMS.

If the phone is confiscated on a second occasion within a term, it will be placed in the safe in ACE Reception until the student’s parent/carer is able to collect it. A second letter will be sent home and the incident logged on SIMS.

For a third offence within the term, a complete ban will be imposed. Parents/Carers will be asked to collect the phone again and a third letter sent home. The ban will be recorded on SIMS.

Mobile phones or other mobile technology is brought into school entirely at your own risk.


The use of headphones/earphones is not permitted inside the school buildings. If a student is seen with headphones/earphones around the school, they will be confiscated with immediate effect and taken to ACE building for collection at the end of the day.