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The Boris: Britain’s answer to Donald Trump Jr?

It is no secret that Britain has been taken for a ride when it comes to government and, because of this, the average Brit has become quite accustomed to the cries of “Brexit this” and “election that” over the past 2 political years. Sadly, we are all too familiar with our brilliant leader flying head (or rather mop) first into a controversy. It would seem that dear Boris has taken inspiration from our trans-Atlantic cousins.

It has been rumoured that if you were to walk in on Boris, alone, in his private quarters at number 10, you will see him staring at a tiny Polaroid of the American President Donald Trump, like a child that seeks to emulate their favourite singer or sports star. On the topic of Mr Trump, I remember my key-stage 3 science teacher once telling me that alongside his most perplexing thoughts, there existed a warped reality in which we could have Putin, Trump and, of course, Boris Johnson in control of the three most influential countries in the world. “Inconceivable!” he told me. Well Sir, it’s time to pack the survival rations and head underground!

So far this year there have been a fair few controversies that have merely fuelled the fire of the Conservative hate club! Earlier in the year, seemingly in a rush to gain the ever-pondering eyes of the press, Bo-jo found himself on the receiving end of a barrage of heckles from a group of “lefty sympathisers”. In an attempt to ruffle Johnson’s feathers, chants of “Tory scum” were raining down upon that big, blonde bird’s nest. Like any good Prime Minister Boris should have been calm and resolute but sadly, similar to his aforementioned hair, Boris threw caution to the wind and responded with a verbal bomb of his own!

Like a naughty pupil getting one over on his teacher, Boris turned, puffed out his chest, tightened his diaphragm and with a disregard of professionalism and etiquette shared only by the Donald himself, Boris fired off the best playground insult he could think of!

I am truly sorry to let you down but I highly doubt I can actually quote Boris’ response. Let’s just say that it was fronted by “lefty” and was a seven letter word beginning with “T” and it certainly wasn’t “Toerags”!

This Trump-like behaviour really only becomes a problem when you remember that Boris isn’t Donald and England isn’t America! So when somebody like our dear Boris uses profanity towards supporters of a rival party, not only is he alienating potential future voters but he is also totally disregarding his status as a potential role model for England’s youth. That being said, I am yet to hear a child eagerly declare they want to be like Bo-Jo when they grow up!

Now the issue of COVID-19 has reared its ugly head, Boris is really being put through the wringer. He has done well so far! He is remaining vigilant and resolute when it comes to meticulously redirecting and avoiding questions altogether! If you caught Boris in Corona interview-mode at the moment, I think you could probably ask him his own name and he’d respond in some way with “well yes, as a nation we should wash our hands to the tune of happy birthday twice”.

It is this reluctance to be held accountable to things that sets Boris apart from Donald J Trump. Probably not in a good way though. Holster your pistols, I am not about to delve into the numerous Trump centered controversies. However I am going to declare that, in my opinion, the Donald is willing to be held accountable (or he lacks the intellectual capabilities to think about such an advanced concept) this care free attitude makes his, to put it lightly, outrageous behaviour part of his personality. But Boris doesn’t share this attribute. So, as opposed to coming across as a care free, cutthroat politician he just comes across as moronic!

Love him or hate him, Boris Johnson will be remembered long after he leaves number 10. But it is too soon to decide if the memories will be fond, or not so fond?


Monday, 09 March 2020 14:39

An Interview with Mrs Loftus

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The school is trying to improve the amount of visits the students go on. Mrs Loftus explains,” We are attempting to include every We interviewed Mrs Loftus asking her some questions about the school. We asked about health and safety Coronavirus is a big problem at the moment. She replied with,” If a student was found with coronavirus, we would follow the National health guidance. They would be asked to self-isolate. The National health guide has said to keep schools open at the moment until it worsens.”

Another question was about the English department and what they could do to improve. She suggested,” The OFSTED report said we could improve by moving the order of what is taught. An example is in year eight. They are being taught war poetry.  But in history, they don’t study the world wars until year nine.”  We are now restructuring our curriculum to support this.

We questioned her about how the school is being more eco-friendly. She shared some information,” In staff meetings, they use reusable plastic cups with lids instead of using paper ones like they did before. We are still trying to cut down the amount of plastic bottles used in the canteen. There is also an eco-friendly group led by Mr Chapman.

Student voice is very important to Driffield School. Mrs Loftus stated,” Student voice is happening all the time. Students have their share of opinions of the school and what could be improved in the school. I said that free fruit was a good option because it will encourage more pupils to eat healthily. It will not only help them, it will also help the school to be outstanding. That may be considered by the school.

We also asked her about the general improvements that could be made. We asked her if she would add some creativeness to the lessons. She stated,” Art is already very creative and the lessons are full of information.”

We inquired about the water fountains. There aren’t a lot near the PE areas. She told us that the problem with that are the queues to fill bottles up. The students will want to go during lessons instead of during lunch and break.

She was very pleased with how far the school come over the last couple of years. She is hopeful about the future.

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