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School Staircases

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School staircases

I am writing this article to express my thoughts on Driffield School and sixth forms stair cases. This is a minor problem yet I believe it must be resolved as soon as possible as the stair cases may just get more problematic. What concerns me about the schools stair cases is that they can get extremely busy and overly crowded in specific North stair case. I and many other students have experienced the claustrophobic north stair case and I have heard many pupils including Isabelle, Lilian, and many others complain about the staircase. I understand that the staircase is the only way to get to certain classrooms but I think some simple rules should be enforced to make the stair case safe and spacious. The stair case spills with students making it incredibly difficult for teachers to get to the classrooms that they need to teach in. Also the amount of pupils on the stair case at once is a huge danger hazard as a child has indeed fallen down the stairs before which is a clear piece of evidence to show how unsafe north stair case is.

Some simple rules that could be put in place are letting children into their classes quicker because the reason for the crowding is students waiting to be let into their lesson room; this is an easy change that could make a difference for the better. Another change could be beneficial is having a member of staff on the stair case to make sure pupils are staying to the left and following other rules like not pushing other students. We may also need a staff watching because there has been times were people having chucked various things down the stairs, this needs to be stopped because it’s a danger hazard if what came down the stairs fell on someone.

I hope the school take this into consideration as the stair case is a problem that can easily be resolved.

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