WOW – What Now? Visit

On Wednesday 15 January 2020 the APEX department were pleased to be able to offer a number of students the opportunity to participate in a visit to Middleton Hall, University of Hull, to experience a WOW – Women of the World’s Think In – a unique interactive public planning session where women and girls are invited to discuss their thoughts on the issues affecting their local community and the world.  WOW – What Now? looked at the here and now; shining a light on the most potent issues affecting women and girls today – from politics to financial empowerment, toxic masculinity to the intersection of sexism, racism and homophobia.  Mrs Goodwin, visit leader, said “I was really proud of all the girls who attended, in particular Kitty and Emily, who both stood up and spoke. Emily was incredible - she spoke about body image and clothes and the pressures of social media. She also spoke about young women choosing to wear and be who they want in spite of all that”.