Sixth Form Courses

Advanced Level Courses

To start an advanced programme in the sixth form, it is recommended that you have gained 5 GCSEs at grade C or above and have at least a grade C in the subjects you want to take.

  • In addition to the above, some subjects have specific entry requirements as follows:
  • Any A Level Science requires a grade B in the subject they wish to study or a B in Additional Science.  In addition, Chemistry and Physics require a minimum of grade B in Maths
  • Psychology requires a minimum of grade C in English and Science
  • History requires a minimum of grade B at GCSE
  • French and Spanish require at least grade B at GCSE
  • Maths requires at least a good grade B at GCSE
  • In Year 12, you will have a choice from a wide range of subjects and the majority of students will start on 4 subjects plus an Elective.
  • Most subjects are divided into four units of work, two units to be covered in Year 12 which when examined will be known as an AS qualification. The full advanced qualification will be taken at the end of Year 13. Some courses have retained their six units of work with three covered in Year 12 and three in Year 13
  • Pass grades for all advanced courses at AS are A-E and for the full advanced are graded A*- E
  • All courses will demand some elements of written external examination
  • External examinations in all courses are in May/June (of Year 12).  For this reason, it is important that students do not take holidays where at all possible during term time
  • Students may re-sit externally assessed units, but this must be paid for by the student/parent

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The Enrichment Program - Be Inspired

What is the enrichment programme?

Enrichment opportunities are additional qualifications and opportunities that will give you the edge. It is a very competitive place out there post 16 and beyond with thousands of students competing for jobs, they will help to:

  •      Set you apart from other Post 16 learners and give you the edge when it comes to employment or University entry.
  •      Give you a chance to study in a different way than in a traditional setting.
  •      Broaden your choices and open up new opportunities for you Post 18.
  •      Develop skills in learning which will prepare you for the next stage.
  •      Make you more of an independent learner.
  •      Allow you to study something without having to do an AS Level in it.
  •      Give you added qualifications which could make the difference Post 18.   
  •      Open up new experiences that will benefit you immensely in Higher Education.
  •      Allow you to follow a particular interest and gain a qualification from it.

  What can I do?

    Every Wednesday afternoon is dedicated to your enrichment. The options below are the typical range of opportunities

    that we offer, but we are constantly seeking to increase the range on offer so this list will grow as we near September, so

    keep your eyes peeled!