Performing Arts

In Dance, all students will learn the basics of choreography and develop a range of skills. They will be given opportunities to create their own dance pieces incorporating a number of different dance styles such as Contemporary, Street Dance, Disco and Lindy Hop. Students will be encouraged to share their finished dance performances with an audience, allowing students to gain critical feedback in order to encourage progression in the subject.

In Drama every student will be encouraged to develop their skills in characterisation. They will learn how to research ideas and produce pieces of original theatre, as well as tackling script work and a variety of different drama styles including masks and physical theatre. The majority of the work will be done in groups, sharing ideas and planning together.

The students will also have an opportunity to apply and extend their writing skills in both subjects which will reflect practical knowledge and careful planning, as well as their ability to analyze and evaluate Dance and Theatre. As part of current whole school policy Y7 students will work on Dance/Drama projects which will require them to apply their TRICS learning skills.

In year 9 (only) students are taught on a carousel system across the three performing arts disciplines; Dance, Music and Drama. Students, taught by subject specialists, experience a deeper level of challenge across the subjects and independent learning is encouraged. This provides the students with an insight into the standard for GCSE, allowing them to have a more informed choice as part of the options process.

There will be several opportunities to take part in after school activities to develop student’s Dance and Drama skills further. The department also has a fantastic reputation of producing top quality school musicals, with our most recent productions: The Little Shop of Horrors and The Wedding Singer. The shows attracted over 700 people over 4 nights. In 2017 the Performing Arts department will be presenting a performance of Billy Elliot, which is expected to be their biggest challenge in many years.