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Wednesday, 06 March 2019 15:13

Momo by Brooke Durkin

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Momo has been a big threat on social media at the moment and has threatened many kids and teens the apps it is on is WhatsApp, YouTube  and Instagram you have to be careful who is texting you make shure you know these people before you text them back. Momo has been known to live in japan and he/she texts kids and teen if they will do the challenge if they say yes they will do dangerous tasks that will end in serious consequences. But if they say no they will be text that he is coming to their house to find them but what I don’t understand how he knows where you live if he lives in a different country. This can be a serious threat to young kids as they will be more scared and worried about this. There are rumours that people have died but it has not been the news at all so it might     not be true. There is a momo app so you can text momo but who wants to commit suicide  so tell parent or a trusted adult.

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