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Social Media - What You Need to Know by Nikola Krzeminska

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Social Media(what you need to know)

Hello. Today we are going to talk about Social media. Social media is a big thing at the moment and has changed society for the better and the worst. Some apps are Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube; there many more but these are the main ones. We are going to tell you the positives and the negatives about them.

Social media is important to students and teachers in their life. It helps them communicate to friends and family when they need to.

There could be dangers but there are also good things in these apps. 


Instagram can also be good of course. There are plenty of kids on it frequently which makes it highly popular. People post pictures and videos but there are things called “stories”, where if you don’t want to post things on forever you can put it on your story for the next 24 hours (unless you want to delete it). On this app, another positive is that you can message friends and family on there so you can keep in touch with them without paying to text them. On Snapchat you can use “filters” in pictures on your face and text others. You can let others see those photos or not whenever you want. On YouTube you can let people take interest in your videos and let people like, share and comment on them.


Instagram can also be a danger because a lot of under-aged children use it especially if they don’t know what they are doing. A lot of older men and women do message and rarely call young children. People can catfish or make an account for another person withought their permission and act like them. Parents/Guardians should at least check their children’s phone or laptop at least once or twice a week. YouTube can be very dangerous app as a result of them having no restrictions so children can watch anything. On YouTube this person/thing is hacking Peppa Pig and Fortnight videos could be closely leading hacking into anything you like watching, this is called MoMo it’s where kids and teens get random text messages from this “MoMo” telling them to do harmful things or something stupid ending in serious consequences. But just be careful and don’t worry about it.

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