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Oliver by Katie Gates

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Oliver was an incredible performance. I enjoyed the play. All of the characters were played very well. Dylan Cundall was Oliver in the performance. My all-time favourite characters were Nancy, Fagin, Dodger, Oliver and Mr and Mrs Sowerberry.

I interviewed Brooke Durkin who was one of the work-house boys and she said “I think the play went very well, although in one scene Fagin's gang went wrong since they were supposed to be asleep but they were stood in the wrong positions but they made it work and changed the performance slightly to make it better. But even though I am only in the first scene, I loved the music and songs and I could tell the audience enjoyed them too.” The director (Mr Colley) wrote in the programme: “I’m extremely excited and proud to be leading on my 6th school production at Driffield School.”

I asked two audience members and they have both asked to stay anonymous but one of them said "I really enjoyed the whole performance.” The other person said “I loved the acting my favourite scene was when Mr Bumble pretended to throw Oliver on the floor.”   

I would definitely recommend this school play because it is funny has a good amount of people to be in the cast. It is enjoyable for all ages although younger children might not understand some of the scenes. But most scenes are suitable for all and are easy to understand. If I had to rate this play out of 10 I would give it a 9/10

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