Wednesday, 06 March 2019 14:29

"Connections" by James Padgett

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People think that the internet is important for others.

People think that it is unfair.

Opinions are everywhere and they are always expressed.

I held an interview with Mr Colley, the head of Drama and director of school productions, who has his own opinions on the matter of media.

“Yeah, I think media is important. It reaches out to different people. Newspapers, social networking and things like that can inform people on culture and helpful advice.”

When asking sir on his opinion on online celebrities, he said that it usually depends on what they are doing. Some famous people on the internet use their influence for good product publication. However, sir also understands that people can be “mislead” by product placement and clickbait. He believes that some have the flaw to become obsessed with false advertisement.

Talking about entertainment, sir says that entertainment is essential on media and is being produced well. As a reference point, he brought up the recent World Cup to extenuate how people can have an “insight” into the player’s life.

“There’s a connection formed…”

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