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"Quoted" by James Padgett

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The media is a place of entertainment primarily, yet there are some cases where people use the media for other purposes. Case and point: education. Revision is essential for everyone who is doing exams, obviously. For this reason, people in school or Sixth Form/colleges have begun using their education to help people who aim to revise in exams.

For this, I have interviewed my close friend Samuel Osborne, a Year 10 student who has used his skill of IT along with his never-ending creativity to create a revision app for Religious Studies (RS). This app, aptly named “OmniQuote” was made for the sole purpose to be used by people Sam’s age in an attempt to remember important quotes. I spoke with Sam about this incredible app he made and asked him about how he hopes this could help others and maybe himself.

“It’s helpful, mainly, because of the fact that I can revise while making updates and obviously it helps others using the app.”

Stating about why he created an app as to a regular webpage, he said that an app is “much more helpful as it is interactive revision, not just staring at a book.” We both agreed that the app panders to kinsthetic learners as opposed to auditory and visual.

I then asked him if he’d encourage other people with similar skills to do the same. If you are someone who is interested, then here is his advice:

“Well, it can be a specific taste to some. It won’t be for everyone yet if it is, do it! It’s been a great experience and I’m definitely planning to continue. The best thing to remember is ensure that your app has enough information to satisfy the user.”

I also got a chance to ask a few questions to Mrs Goodwin, his RS teacher. She said that it was “great for Sam because it develops his skills as well as others.” She also described it as “accessible” and creative. She heavily praises Sam and thinks he’s gone “above and beyond “ with this project.

On OmniQuote, you can revise Christian and Islamic quotes from their holy books, partake in quizzes and revise keywords, practice how to answer 1-12 mark questions within the curriculum and he has stated that there may be more to come in the future!

The link to the app in Google Play: ote Please review and tell him any constructive criticism.

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