Mathematics is taught in broad ability groupings in Y7 and Y8. Students are taught all aspects of the New National Curriculum under the headings of Number, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Geometry and Measure and Statistics and Probability. These topics are studied to allow for students to develop and apply their skills across all areas of mathematics. There is a significant focus on core numeracy skills through homework, and mental and written methods for calculation in the classroom. All students access 6 one hour lessons across a fortnight.

Students are assessed using two main types of assessment as well as through weekly numeracy challenge homework. Consolidation tests review what students have learnt through lessons to that point. We also use GCSE style exam papers to prepare and familiarise students with the rigours, language used and expectations of GCSE mathematics. Written into the scheme of work are opportunities to review learning, respond to individual feedback and identify areas to develop.

In Y9 students begin their GCSE studies. Students are taught in ability groups with the view of sitting a GCSE in mathematics at the end of Y11. The assessment structure is the same as in Y7 and Y8. All students are taught 6 one hour lessons across a fortnight.

In Y10 and Y11 the number of lessons across a fortnight increases to 8 one hour lessons. The homework set is consolidation based and focuses on prior learning and revision. All homework is logged and tracked to form a revision portfolio. The assessment structure is the same as in KS3.

The Sixth Form offers AS and A Levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

We aim to encourage a love and passion for mathematical enquiry in all students, regardless of ability and background.