People who do not know about the history of their own country or their own area are like people without a memory.  So we want you to find out about the history of Britain and as much of the history of Europe and of the world as you can.

As well as helping to build up your knowledge and understanding, we hope to help you learn other new skills which will help you all your life – but more of that when you arrive.

In Year 7 we shall look at The Middle Ages, The Normans, Hastings, deserted villages and the Black Death.  We will study the rise of Islam and the Crusades, look at Pirates and discover how "Europe found the World" in Early Explorers, and complete the year with a TRICs module on Empires.  This new initiative will allow students to improve their skills in not so much what they learn but how they learn.  Teamwork, Reflection, Independence and Creativity, with Literacy and Numeracy, will be introduced as key aspects of improving individual outcomes.

In Year 8, students build upon their Year 7 experience in developing skills and concepts through British History 1500-1914.  The year culminates in a specialised project on World War One, including a visit to Ypres, Belgium, to study Trench Warfare in Situ.

In Year 9, students are prepared for GCSE in Year 10 by practising the necessary skills and concepts through the content of British, European and World History of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Popular topics include an investigation into Jack the Ripper, the sinking of the Titanic, the rise of Hitler and the onset of the Cold War.  The final term is dedicated to actual GCSE study, beginning with preparation for the first study unit. On the GCSE course, you will complete 3 units of work. These units are related to one another, to give you an overview of History.

Thematic and British Depth Studies

The People’s Health and the Norman Conquest.

You will examine the developments in medicine (1250AD to the modern day) looking at the developments in surgery, the treatment of disease, the nature and cause of unhealthy living in Britain and the medical care given to the sick. Also you will study the impact of the Normans on Saxon Society, the Battle of Hastings, castle building and the Norman Legacy on British History.

Local Study: Medieval Castles

You will compare and contrast the various features of Pickering and Helmsley Castles via a site visit and investigation of source material. 

A Period Study and World Depth Study: America 1789-1900 and Living Under Nazi Rule 1933-45.

You will learn about the expansion of modern America across the American Continent, the Civil War and the growth of different American cultures. Also, you will study why the Nazis came to power and what life was like under their rule.

A-Level study will comprise of the following 3 units - 
  • Anglo-Saxon England & the Norman Conquest (1035-1107)
  • The Cold War in Europe (1941-1995)
  • Britain & Ireland (1791-1921)

Believe us, History is an essential subject and is taught very differently from when your parents were at school.

We also hope to encourage you to visit places of historical interest over the years to help “expand your horizons”.

We look forward to seeing you!