• What caused the Asian tsunami?
  • Where are Nike trainers made?
  • How do people survive in Antarctica?
  • Why do volcanoes erupt?

You will have the chance to find out the answers to these types of questions in Geography when you join us. We feel that it is important for you to know about the world, where places are, how events are changing the world and how this may affect you. Remember that Geography is about the future!

At KS3 students are taught science in mixed ability groups.  Students will be taught a range of topics covering both physical and human Geography which will develop a range of skills which will help prepare them for GCSEs and also the world of work.  The course aims to develop a range of skills beneficial to students both in school and in the world of work.  Students will have 4 one hour lessons a fortnight.

End of topic tests, assessed tasks and homework tasks are used to judge the grade students are working at.  This information is sent home through the schools reporting system throughout the year. 

In Y10 students who opt to will begin to study for GCSE.  These students will have 5 one lessons per fortnight.  The students following the GCSE course will be following the OCR B specification.

A small number of students are selected to study Entry Level geography instead of GCSE Geography.

The Sixth Form currently offers AS and A-levels in Geography with OCR. In addition we also offer an Applied Travel and Tourism qualification.

We will encourage you to participate in field work, which will help your understanding of the topics that you will study and help to improve your geographical skills. We will also help you to develop a variety of skills which will be useful in other subjects as well as being important for you in the future. 

We offer day visits and residential visits across the KS stages, including a trip to Iceland for the KS5 students.  This proves hugely popular and real opens the students eyes to the Geography around them.

We look forward to seeing you soon!