Key Stage Three work in English is based on a clear progression of skills through Years 7, 8 and 9 in reading, writing and speaking and listening. We have a great emphasis on reading, understanding and enjoying high quality literature and other texts of non-literacy type, which is continued through to GCSE level and beyond.

Along with teacher assessment there is also great emphasis placed upon student self-assessment. The whole basis of the work undertaken is to help students understand where they are and show them what they need to do to improve.

From the outset in all of our lessons we seek to develop the habit of careful and respectful listening; improve speaking skills; foster an interest in intelligent reading and teach the craft of writing. We use a variety of approaches including discussion; role play and improvisation; group and individual work and the exploration and demonstration of techniques involved in many different forms of writing. We expect students to develop a good grasp of the forms of writing and the conventions associated with them and a high standard in the presentation of written work as well as accuracy in spelling and expression. We seek always to extend the vocabulary and language skills of our pupils.

Intelligent reading of worthwhile texts is extremely important and we ask that you actively encourage your child to read at home. We, in turn, enthusiastically promote reading in class and in our regular library lessons where, a variety of texts are read for enjoyment and analysis which often form the basis for written work. These texts also provide the models students need to improve their own writing.

Our aim is to work with you to develop young minds which love reading, find pleasure in literature and which are lively, creative and reflective.

In Key Stage 4 students will study both English Literature and English Language at GCSE, both courses run by AQA. These courses combine the study of high quality texts with the continued development of the students as skilled writers. The work done in years 7 – 9 will provide the foundation for the skills needed to succeed at Key Stage 4 and the same philosophy underpins the approach to work at this level and at Key Stage 5.

A very small number of students will study Entry Level English instead of English Language.

In the Sixth Form students can choose between AS and A Levels in English Literature and English Language (both AQA courses) allowing them to extend their study of their GCSE subjects.  In addition we offer a very popular AS and A Level in Film Studies run by WJEC. 

Throughout KS3 the study of the Media is integrated into schemes pf work.  However, in year 10 we offer GCSE Media Studies.  This course allows students to examine various Media institutions such as film and television.  There is also a practical element where students are encouraged to create their own Media products.  At KS5 interested students can study an Advanced level vocational course in Media studies which is currently 100% portfolio work.

Throughout the students will be encouraged to become independent and confident in their approach to their studies and to become equipped with the skills needed to allow them to succeed in their future careers outside of school.

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