TRICS stands for Team learning, Reflective learning, Independent learning and Creative learning. TRICS is a skill based subject and is currently taught to Y7 and Y8 pupils in key stage 3 for one hour per week.

The objective of TRICs lessons is to equip our students with a wider variety of life skills that will supplement the skills they develop across the curriculum. Conversely, we also expect pupils to become better at demonstrating elements of team learning, reflective learning, independent learning and creative learning in their other subjects the more they study it separately. 

TRICs operates in a broadly different manner to most other subjects. Students work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards in TRICs rather than being awarded levels.  TRICS also doesn’t set homework. Many of the TRICs projects cover large periods of time and integrate other disciplines, like effective use of iPads and presentation skills within them. Students generate a portfolio of work in a ‘Learning Journal’ which showcases the project work they have completed throughout the year.

TRICs offers opportunities to develop students entrepreneurial skills and provides opportunities for community cohesion by inviting others to attend TRICs events. The highlights of the Year 7 TRICs programme are 4 Discovery Days where the Year 7 timetable is collapsed for a day so students can engage in a large piece of cross curricular learning, relating to the TRICs skills.